St. Paul's Cathedral Tickets

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St Paul’s Cathedral I Spiritual heart of London

St. Paul's Cathedral, an architectural jewel in London, is a testament to the ingenuity of Sir Christopher Wren, its creator. Constructed after the Great Fire of 1666, this Anglican cathedral was completed in 1710 and embodies the grandeur of Baroque design. Its majestic dome, one of the largest in the world, has dominated London's skyline for over three centuries. St. Paul's is a place of worship and a venue for significant national events, including royal weddings and state funerals. The cathedral houses an impressive collection of art and memorials, giving you a chance to look into British history and culture.

Keep reading to know more about St. Paul's Cathedral, the 4th church in London!

Why visit St. Paul's Cathedral?

  • Legacy and rebirth of St. Paul's Cathedral: A cornerstone of London's heritage, St. Paul's Cathedral boasts origins as early as 604 AD. Reconstructed multiple times, the present edifice, conceived by Sir Christopher Wren, rose from the ashes of the 1666 Great Fire of London.
  • The architectural beauty of the dome: Rising to 111 meters, the dome of St. Paul's Cathedral ranks among the world's largest and exemplifies English Baroque brilliance. Ascending its 528 steps rewards visitors with breathtaking views of London's skyline.
  • Treasures within the Cathedral: St. Paul's Cathedral safeguards a distinguished array of art and memorials featuring creations by renowned artists like Henry Moore. Notable among these is the resilient effigy of John Donne, which withstood the Great Fire of London.
  • Sacred encounters at the church: As a pivotal site for Christian worship, St. Paul's Cathedral offers a profound spiritual journey for its visitors. It has hosted momentous ceremonies, including the state funerals of notable figures such as Winston Churchill and Lady Thatcher.

Things to know before booking St. Paul's Cathedral tickets

  • Walking tours are ideal for people who are good with walking long distances and do not have health issues or generally low stamina. 
  • To reach the Golden Galleries inside the Cathedral, you must climb 528 steps. Since extensive walking is involved, make sure to wear comfortable shoes.
  • Some tickets allow you to upgrade to guided tours and talks, ensuring you get the most out of your visit. This is especially perfect for people curious to know more about the attraction's history and fascinating facts.
  • Combo tickets are offered at a great discount, making them a steal for anyone who wants to enjoy their London tour on a limited budget. 
  • Kids under the age of 18 must be supervised within the Cathedral.
  • Golden Gallery may not always be accessible given its capacity limitations, so be aware beforehand to avoid disappointment. 
  • Filming equipment like tripods, monopods, selfie sticks, etc., are restricted within the church. 
  • London Explorer Pass is a fantastic option to cover several London landmarks while saving 50% of what you would have spent if you bought individual admission tickets for each.

Which St. Paul's Cathedral ticket is best for you?

St Paul's Cathedral tickets
St Paul's Cathedral tickets
st paul's cathedral tickets

Cancelation Policy

You cannot cancel or reschedule St. Paul's Cathedral tickets. However, you can cancel the London Explorer Pass 24 hours before the experience commences. 

Plan your visit to St Paul's Cathedral

Getting There
Visitor Tips
St Paul's Cathedral timings

St Paul's Facilities
  • Multimedia guides are available in nine languages, each offering an adult or child-friendly format.
  • Visitors can access the toilet facilities at the cathedral.
  • Baby changing facilities are available at the site.
  • St Paul's Cathedral shops are open to purchase your favorite souvenir.
  • Photography is permitted only on the Cathedral floor, crypt, and external galleries.
St. Paul's Cathedral Accessibility
  • Disabled parking is available near the cathedral. 
  • Lift access is available for visitors with reduced mobility.
  • Audio description guides are available for vision-impaired visitors. 
  • The cathedral has a hearing loop system covering St. Paul’s floor and the OBE chapel in the crypt.
  • Visitors can use the multimedia BSL signed to tour with subtitles upon request.  
  • Guide dogs, hearing dogs, and assistance dogs are allowed into the cathedral.
  • Accessible toilet facilities are available within the crypt. 
  • Defibrillators are available for emergency purposes.
St. Paul's Cathedral rules
  • Compulsory bag searching is put in place as a condition for entry to the cathedral.
  • Handbags and day packs are allowed inside St Paul’s Cathedral. The maximum permitted dimensions are 45cm x 30cm x 25cm, including handles, wheels, and pockets.
  • Knives, pepper spray, mace, CS spray, or any offensive weapons are illegal in the UK.
  • Photography is strictly prohibited inside St Paul’s, apart from the exempted areas inside the cathedral.
gift shop st paul's cathedral

Address: St Paul's Cathedral Gift Shop, The Chapterhouse, St. Paul's Churchyard, London EC4M 8AD, United Kingdom

Find on Maps

There is a gift shop available on the premises of St Paul's Cathedral itself. You can buy guidebooks, music records, stationery items, limited edition art and drawings and much more.

There is also an online shop along with worldwide shipping.

french food near st paul's cathedral

There are no restaurants at St Paul's Cathedral, but there are some irresistible options just nearby.

Cafe Rouge - St Paul's (236 ft): Enjoy a delectable spread of French cuisine at Cafe Rouge. Whether it's a French Onion Soup, Poulet Breton or a delicious Creme Brulee, you can find it all here!

The Ivy Asia St. Paul's (0.16 km): Situated in the vicinity of St. Paul's Cathedral, this restaurant is a modern Asian dining spot known for its innovative Asian-inspired cuisine and creative cocktails.

Franco Manca (1.7 km): If you're craving for some delicious pizza, Franco Manca a short walk from St Paul's Cathedral. With specials changing every day, you can have some of the best sour dough pizza in the area.

tower bridge
  • Tower of London (1.7 km): The Tower of London, a historic fortress on the River Thames, has served as a royal palace, prison, and treasury, housing the Crown Jewels.
  • London Eye (2.2 km): The London Eye, a striking 135-meter-tall Ferris wheel on the South Bank of the Thames, offers panoramic views of London's iconic skyline.
  • Tower Bridge (2.7 km): Learn the functionings of the famous London Tower Bridge and discover the panoramic views of London city from River Thames.
  • SEA LIFE London Aquarium (3.2 km): Take a break from learning history and watch the sea life thrive around you at London's famous aquarium! Learn more about Nature's beauty with interactive sessions and demonstrations.
  • Westminster Abbey (3.5 km): Discover the British Monarchy from the perspective of Christianity. Westminster Abbey is the final resting place for 17 members of the Sovereign along with many other famous people from the past.
St. Paul's Cathedral staircase
  • St. Paul's is famous for its acoustics, so it may be a good idea to visit the cathedral when it is quiet. That will allow you to enjoy the memorable auditory experience created in the Whispering Gallery. 
  • The Geometric Staircase in the South West Bell Tower of St. Paul's Cathedral is featured in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (when Harry makes his way to his Divination class). Harry Potter fans, don't miss this!
  • The recommended visiting time here is approximately two hours, so plan accordingly. 
  • Consider joining a guided tour to gain deeper insights into the cathedral's history and architecture.
  • Look out for special events or services happening during your visit to enhance your experience.

Frequently Asked Questions about St Paul's Cathedral

Can I attend a service at St. Paul's Cathedral?

Yes, services are held daily and are open to the public. Check the schedule online.

Is photography allowed inside St. Paul's Cathedral?

Photography for personal use is generally restricted inside the cathedral; however, it's allowed on the external grounds.

Can I climb the dome of St. Paul's Cathedral?

Yes, you can climb to the dome for panoramic views of London. Be prepared for many steps!

Is there a dress code for visiting St. Paul's Cathedral?

While there's no strict dress code, modest dress is recommended, especially during services.

Where is the nearest public transportation to St. Paul's Cathedral?

The closest tube station to St. Paul's Cathedral is St. Paul's Underground station, which is accessible via the Central Line.

Does St. Paul's Cathedral have facilities for disabled visitors?

The cathedral is accessible, though some areas might be limited; check ahead for specific access details.

Can I visit the Whispering Gallery?

Admission to the cathedral includes access to the Whispering Gallery, but it may be closed on certain days for maintenance.

Is there a place to eat inside St. Paul's Cathedral?

No, the cathedral has no cafe or restaurant on the site.

What is the best time to visit St. Paul's Cathedral to avoid crowds?

Early morning or late afternoon on weekdays is generally less crowded.

Is it possible to book St. Paul's Cathedral tickets on the same day?

Given how popular the attraction is, it is ideal to buy your tickets online as the dates are usually booked almost one month in advance. Tickets are also subject to availability at the ticket counter. So, in order to avoid getting disappointed it is highly recommended to book your St Paul's Cathedral tickets online.

Who can enter St. Paul's Cathedral for free?

Children under 6 years of age do not require a ticket and can enjoy free entry. (Children must be accompanied by an adult when visiting the galleries). St Paul’s Cathedral also offers complimentary entry for visitors with disabilities and an accompanying companion – these tickets should be requested on arrival.

Do I need to print my St. Paul's Cathedral tickets?

No, you do not need to print the tickets for St Paul's Cathedral. You can show the ticket on your mobile and enter the cathedral.

Do you need an ID to enter St. Paul's Cathedral?

Yes, you are required to bring a photo ID to enter St Paul's Cathedral. Any ID with a clear picture of the individual on it will suffice.