St. Paul's Cathedral

All Your Questions - Answered Here

Q. Do St. Paul's Cathedral tickets sell out easily?
A. While St Paul’s Cathedral tickets don’t normally sell out easily, it is advisable to purchase tickets online to bypass long queues and to avail of applicable discounts.

Q. What's included in the St. Paul's Cathedral ticket?
A. The St. Paul's Cathedral ticket covers a multimedia guide that is available in nine languages namely English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, British Sign Language (BSL) and English Audio Description (AD), and guided tours and talks.

Q. Should I buy St. Paul's Cathedral tickets in advance?
A. Yes, it is advisable to purchase tickets in advance to avoid long queues and gain immediate admittance to the marvelous edifice.

Q. Is the St. Paul's Cathedral included in the London Pass?
A. Yes, it is included in the London Pass.

Q. How long should I spend at St. Paul's Cathedral?
A. The recommended time to spend at St Paul’s Cathedral is approximately two hours.

Q. How long is the St. Paul's Cathedral Tour?
A. The duration of St Paul’s Cathedral Tour can range anywhere from 1 to 3 hours.

Q. How long are the St. Paul's Cathedral queues? 
A. The queues for St Paul’s Cathedral tend to be longest during summertime, school holidays, church holidays, and Sundays.

Q. When was St. Paul's Cathedral built?
A. The construction started in June 1675 and was completed by 1708.

Q. Is it free to go to St. Paul's Cathedral?
A. While it is free to attend a service, to experience all of St. Paul's glory, including its historic galleries, tombs, and iconic dome, you must buy tickets